World Commons Week 2018 is now finished!

And keep the commons dialog going! Participate in IASC’s global conference in Lima, Peru in July 2019.

A huge *THANKS* to the hundreds of people who participated in IASC’s 2018 World Commons Week events, celebrating commons research and practice, whether it be in the kickoff conferences in Washington D.C., one of the local events that took place throughout the world, or the closing 24 hours of noon-time webinars on October 12th in every time zone across the globe! 

Recorded webinar presentations are now available on this website for those who may have missed the live presentations. 

— The IASC WCW organizing team      

The year 2018 will mark fifty years since Garrett Hardin published his “Tragedy of the Commons” article in Science. His article helped to launch wide-ranging commons research and practice in many thematic areas, including water, forests, fisheries and marine settings; the global atmosphere; infrastructure, urban and rural areas; technology and software; and knowledge sharing and co-production.

This past half-century of scholarship has revealed what Hardin did not recognize: that a wide range of shared resources can be sustainably managed through commons governance approaches. Analysis of large-scale regional and global environmental problems through the lens of commons governance may offer pathways to alternative solutions to some of the most intractable problems facing society today.

In recognition of the past half-century of commons scholarship, and to raise awareness of the nature, practice, and potential of commons governance around the globe, the IASC organized a global “World Commons Week” from October 4–12, 2018.

The week consisted of three components:

Policy Seminar & Conference

Globally distributed, local events

24 hours of global webinars

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