The Brazil's Commons Seminar: the Faxinal Tradition

October 4, 2018
UNICENTRO – Campus Irati, PR (Brazil)
Seminar on common pool resource governance, held at Unicentro – Campus Irati, PR, Brazil. The schedule includes a lecture, scientific papers presentations and a roundtable. The main theme of the Seminar is the tradition of the Faxinal System, a Brazilian type of commons based on the collective use of private properties, whose origin dates back to the period of Portuguese colonization in southern Brazil, developed by the peculiar integration of native people, self released African slaves and descendants of Portuguese without land rights. Subsequently the model was also assimilated locally by late European immigrants of various origins, such as Germans, Polish, Ukrainians, Italians and others. At the Faxinals the strategy of land use and change consistes of multicultural agroforestry cultivation. In the last decades, the tradition of Faxinais have been pressured by the predominant agricultural model, focused on the monoculture of commodities for export, which provides higher land rent.

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